URC is a simple interface to the serial port of the various Universal Remote Controls (URC-xxxx) made by Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI.)


  1. The main window is shaped and operates like the physical remote control making for easy recognition of key layout and a pleasant operating experience.
  2. URC is Apple-Scriptable-Recordable enabling control from various other software as well as recording of macros with programs such as Script Editor.
  3. URC can talk via any serial port supported by the Mac, not just Modem and Printer.
  4. Balloon Help is available.


To operate a URC by UEI you need a serial cable that interfaces the computer to the remote. This cable can be purchased from various sources (I recommend ASI - www.asihome.com) for $20.00 or so. You will also need a din9-din8 adapter.


Download URC by clicking here.

Version history:

1.0 Initial version - tested only by myself and probably full of bugs.