Joseph Silverman

229 Molimo Dr
San Francisco, CA 94127
(415) 254-1743

Technical skills:

Scripting/Programming: Ruby, LAMP, Java, C, Python, Perl, Shell Scripting, C++, REXX, Fortran, Assembler (370,8x86,68K), X11, jsp, applescript, HTML, CGI, JSP, PHP, Enterprise Java Beans , JavaScript.

Operating systems: Redhat, CentOS, Debian, and Gentoo Linux; Solaris through 11, MacOS, Windows, AIX, HP-UX.

Networking / Utilities: AWS - Amazon Cloud, Cisco IOS, Ethernet (hardware and IP), Wifi, Radius, LDAP, Radius, DNS, TCP/IP, SNA, some Novell and NT, AppleTalk, T1, PRI-ISDN, Asterisk VOIP, Bacula, NetVault, Legato Backup, Vertas Volume Manager, SunDiskSuite, EMC, Tomcat, Jetty, ServletExec, Apache web server, Chef, Git, Puppet

Database: MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, Mongo, ElasticSearch.

Work experience:

4/2013 - Present - Autodesk, Inc. Sr Systems Engineer.

Working for the Cloud Ops group at Autodesk as aSubject Matter Expert for half a dozen applications in the PAAS (Platform As A Service), ~150 instances, mostly based in AWS.

Responsibilities include:

Maintaining an uptime of systems of 3x9s.

Deploying software as it is delivered by engineers and assisting with any issues that arrise.

Creating automation to deploy, monitor, backup, and otherwise manage the various applications.

Collecting metrics (collectd) on all the applications and keeping track of usage needs as they change.

Managing monitoring and alerting on the applications using (in the past Nimsoft) and currently Sensu.

As SME, I provide 24x7x365 on call 2nd level support.

Applications (and technologies) include:

The primary Cloud-based Search for all consumer data based around Elastic Search (cluster size is ~10TB.)

ABus - the cloud platform primary data and process queuing based around RabbitMQ.

General Devops technologies used include:

Enterprise Chef, Git, Sensu, Collectd, Splunk, Reimann, Salt, MongoDB, PingFederate, AWS.

AWS technologies include, besides EC2, also Cloud Formation, Auto Scaling.

12/2012 - 3/2013 TAOS - Technical Consultant.

On contract from Taos to Wikimedia Foundation.  Working on a infrastructure project bringing their entire corporate server and network base up to par and correctly a large slew of issues gathered over the years.

11/2011 - 11/2012 Critical Path, Inc. Senior System Administrator.

Critical Path bought Laszlo Systems in November, 2011.  As part of the migration I put in place a complete IT transition plan to minimize down time as part of the buyout included a physical move from San Mateo to Sunnyvale.  Total down time for Laszlo corporate functions was under five hours.  I was instrumental in the second move.

Virtualized custom OS (Mirapoint MOS) into the Amazon Cloud.  Built EC2 for and Interfaced the Laszlo Systems Webtop web app product running in the Amazon Cloud to a MOS instance as the mail backend.

Beijing infrastructure updates including multiple virtualization environments (both XEN and VMWare) and managing resources (CPU, Networking) to work around political, logistical, and technical issues around having a remote office in China.

7/2002 - 11/2011 Laszlo Systems, Inc. Senior System Administrator.

Remotely built and integrated offshore office of ~30 people in Beijing, China.  Including remote source-control access, remote backup, remote directory services, VPN, Wireless, etc.

Manage multiple data comm relationship with clients to support product development.

Designed and implemented networking, backup, directory, public and intranet web sites, email systems.

Built out a co-location facility which supports multiple public systems for the company. Interacted with Akamai to distribute and speedup access to the corporate web site.

Moved the company from one office to another, set up the IT infrastructure at the new location. Implemented the security policies and maintain the firewall rules and other necessary hardware and software.

Designed the monitoring facility which alerts when servers are experiencing unusual issues. Integrated this into the environment and have maintained a very high level of uptime through it.

Part of the QA team at the company, designed and implemented the load testing for the product and have assisted in various QA projects over the years.

Support Engineering by maintaining and managing the Automated nightly and release Product Build Environment. Occasionally called upon to write code (Java and lzx - the company's product language).

8/2001 - 6/2002 Consultant.

Designed and implemented eCommerce web site for Mr. S Leather - Adult Brick and Mortar Store. Manage small hosting service for 50 virtual domains.

9/2000 - 7/2001 incremental images, inc. Senior System Administrator.

Senior System Administrator in charge of building and supporting an engineering team at a technology startup company.

Manage multiple Linux, Sun/Solaris, DecAlpha/Tru64, Darwin, and Windows environments for engineering team. Web Master for internal and external web sites.

Designed and implemented (in C++) SSL, Authentication, Multipart mime, and other advanced web server support for company product.